Our platform connects those who are looking for work with those that are looking to hire. With our unique algorithm hirers can instantly see interested candidates for their work, instead of having to post jobs and wait for applications.

The My Workerz platform has transformed a process which used to take days, if not weeks or months, into seconds. After a successful match, the hirer has, for free, a full suite of features to manage, track and review whoever they hired.


  • These comprehensive features are also available for anyone who wants to manage their existing staff.

  • This complete management system is completely integrated into our work platform, which means you can allocate shifts to your internal staff instantly and fill uncovered shifts with external candidates in seconds.

  • Our platform can also help your business grow, by matching your staff with extra work they are available for. You just set your "External Work fee" and we will alert you when there is work that has met your staff and your parameters, from our fast-growing pool of work.
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How to sign up

Within 3 easy steps you can open an account in minutes and immediately start benefiting from our transformative platform: it’s simple, safe and completely secure

  • Sign up as a company or an individual and choose whether to open a hirer, manager or worker account or all 3.

  • Start hiring, managing or finding work immediately, on your terms and on our platform it can happen instantly, but only if you want it to!

  • Our comprehensive suite of features allows hirers and workers to manage, support and communicate effectively to deliver the best standard of work every time.

Customer Feedback

We believe in building long term partnerships by delivering an outstanding level of service every time

But dont just take our word for it have a look below at  just some of the feedback we have had from our customers.

"After signing up for the My Workerz platform I have been able to find extra work for my staff, which has been truly amazing for my company but also has made my staff very happy."

Chris Holgate

- Chris Holgate

" I love hiring using the app, it's so simple and easy to use, plus I can see who I'm hiring beforehand so I'm always happy. "

- Jesse Dodd

" I must admit I was a bit sceptical in the beginning but after giving it a shot I was not disappointed, it's a really useful app for hiring and managing staff "

- Neil Patterson

" This app is really handy, I can work when I want to and for the pay rate I set, I dont need to keep applying for jobs, they just let me know when a hirer wants me! Superb! "

- Sean Cornell

" Love the fact it gives me full control of my working life and only finds me the type of work I want "

- Colin Frost

" Having everything to do with my work in one place is amazing helps me stay organized and on point. "

- Dave Hastings

" Its brilliant how I can see the prices to hire on different days, it actually has helped me save a lot of money "

- Emma Hudson

" The platform is brilliant, I know this will get better over time "


Our services are all interlinked and available to anyone; any account can access any service

However, to make it easier for you to understand exactly what we do, we have broken our services down into 3 sections all of which are available to both individuals and companies.

Hire Workers
  • Instantly see available candidates
  • Only Verified Workers
  • Manage and communicate
  • Rate and review
  • Free to use
  • Plus so much more
Find Work
  • Save time with Auto-apply
  • Find work on your terms
  • Free to use
  • Start making money instantly
  • Financing options available
  • Plus so much more
Manage Workers
  • For your existing staff
  • Manage and monitor your staff
  • grow your business
  • Access to all of our features
  • Smart shift Allocater
  • Plus so much more

Here are just some of a few of the amazing features we have available on our platform.

Auto apply

After entering their requirements, Hirers can instantly see the profiles of workers who are available for their jobs, before making their final choice. Workers set their criteria and only are contacted if there is a match. No more posting a job and waiting around for candidates to apply, it's all available instantly!

Check-In and Sign-In

Allows hirers and managers to view workers on their way to work as well as receive GPS confirmed sign-ons when workers arrive. They can also view their workers location until they GPS confirmed that they have signed off. Giving you that added peace of mind that all is in order!

Colour coded alerts

Reports and communications by workers are colour coded when uploaded, so hirers and managers can choose whether they want to receive alerts about everything that's happening with their workers or only the emergencies or anything in between. All from anywhere in the world all from our app or website!

Body Camera

As well as uploading videos, you can turn your workers smartphone into a body camera. Save yourself a significant amount of money by not having to buy expensive cameras. Unlike a traditional camera, you have instant access to all your videos, as they are uploaded to our cloud in real time.

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